Book a room under Clara's roof  (queen bed, balcony) for business, activities, classes, vacation

Balcony 2 activities (yoga, gym, in gym studio or outside or in balcony 2, relaxing in hammock, painting, private dressing room, private toilet and balcony, gardening, living room, working area, smoking area, kitchen access, shell access, bathroom access, bath robe, slippers bathroom, luxury bed linen, towels, liquid soap, toothpaste, toothbrush,
*room service, **personal trainer, **massage, 
** concierge, ** personal shopping, **classes, **rent a car, **meeting area access (extra payment for others then the guest), 
*free Friday, **extra pay

queen dreamroom 1.jpg

Clara kitchen activities

queen dreamroom 5.jpg

Balcony garden activities