4:45 in the #morning coffee, #gym, after an evening #massage look at me, I am super fresh :)

Well, no!

I am not! I would've stay in bed longer this massage, but not BRAIN dictates, I dictate!

Discipline! Without discipline I can only sleep longer and that's it...

My life is not for waste precious minutes and delaying or never do what I proposed to myself! No Sir!

Everyday I do GYM at least 2 hours. GYM is LIFE! is my LIFE!

Well I know Robert from he was much younger a kid :), we've met in clubs, in discos few years ago, then I went to his gym, then he became my master in GYM, then we became partners in GYM in LIFE concept. A great kid, man, partner, friend! Thank you Robert! Another love of my life! I love this kid, this everything...He was my play partner, my dance partner too! Another Scorpio that influenced my like in ++++ and I did the same with him!

This #program is a complex one

is not only physical!

I propose you to try it! Is personalized by Robert

Is good thinking and useful for #B2B and #B2C

For happy, healthy, enthusiastic employees! And people!


My program is to make you feel good in your skin and to move your body

wherever, whenever, whit whom you want

no equipment , no diet

free like a bird , work with your mind, spirit, energy, body!

This is me...at 4:00 AM I did my stretching in bed, I took my coffee and another stretching, I came to my work place to do a session of workout for legs, abdomen...on my couch!


I 2 hours since I woke up I did 3 sessions of workout!

Now I feel super to begin my day!


Don't ask how was my massage! Look at me!

I could have stay like this....

Or like this ...and I chose this (the last variant...) Thank you Universe

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