After two and a half of "Sabatic" years, my dream starts to have contour...

Here starts Etiquette!

Hello sunshine

Hello world

Hello Universe!

In these Sabatic years I realized that my life should go on another way...

Now, this is happening...

Etiquette, my non profit Association helped me and my family to grow, to learn what means image management for personal and corporate!

Now is time to work like a business woman not business as pleasure until now and to make my dream happen!

What I've learned?

To be happy no matter what!

To be joyful no matter what!

To be enthusiastic in all I do!

To Dream Plan Do!

To believe in me!

To be optimistic and to stay away of toxic people!

For a beautiful life, a beautiful mind!

You will say: what is new? You were like this for long time...

Yes, I was and I am and I will be like this!

The difference is: now I now how much can influence others, how to avoid that happening and how to learn others to setup their mind to succeed everything!

I am motivator and influencer in life well being! I love to spread the world positive, optimistic, enthusiastic words, works...for humanity!

To change the world to have a positive mentality no matter what!

What I've learned?

That my career is now 180 degree turned! From consulting engineering, trainer, new systems manual writer around the world for a multinational in CEO of my own nonprofit association, Etiquette that has as goals education in gym, self development, travel in a different goals and music!

I am from Romania. I love my country. It's a beautiful place to grow as education, as family, as career. Come and visit or stay for good in Romania! You will find wonderful people, stunning places, place of history still alive!

I was born in Pitesti and I grown up here but I traveled for my duty around the world twice and I learned so much in all these trips. I am lucky!

Life is a lifelong learning environment! I learn every day and I like to share with others!

My studies are in car engineering, tourism management, protocol and event management with my book passion, first to read, then to write, I am fascinating of PR, communication, negotiations, marketing, branding and I've learned so much in self study. I have an american way of seeing things, influenced by all what I read in English and from American guru in this, image management, a complex way of seeing things!

In Etiquette I created services for entire world to be used globally in B2C and B2B, so every service has 2 angles from client side and from business side.

Why? Because I care about people! I trust in me and all that is good for me is also for entire world good, so I let that happening! I dare happen! I am bold!

Buy my books!

Allow me to explain Etiquette's projects:

1. Gym is Life online with my personal trainer, the best, Robert with more than 12 years of training people with results! He graduated Sport Institute from Pitesti. Now working in a luxury gym. I made luxury available now, Robert is online. check this out B2C and B2B, Project sponsored by my Amazon book and ebook "Internaut lover" by Clara C.

2. Key to success online projects for personal grow after and with my book and ebook from Amazon and me as author Clara C.

3. 90 day around the world online project for tourism different around the world, sponsored by my Amazon book and ebook 90 days around the world and 90 days around the glob( part 1 and 2)

4. Peace & Love & Music - Africa house - electronic music online and offline project in what I love most, music! This project starts to get contour in September 2019. I have a dream to have these guys, both very good DJs ( Bross Ro, Vlad Ro) and super event managers working together! I will be behind...they are so good!

I invite to buy the Amazon books that have so much to tell and will change you completely, you will be 180 degrees changed, like I am!

For you business owners around the world I invite you visit B2B and to see how you like my proposals for you! It's a start! Any discussion can starts from here, give me a sign!

This means you with me and my projects, HERE!

The last project is here, only some highlights...

All 99% from projects 2 and 3 are going in Peace & Love & Music project

I need help! Be sponsor! Be business angel! Be philanthropists!
my Lord of my muscles, Robert loves you! I love you too!
Love is the must powerful energy!

I recommend Amazon Kindle Clara C books & ebooks to grow, to be motivated, to learn every day and to help Etiquette causes: education in gym, self development, tourism, music! All for global PEACE!

Sites that I recommend:

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