Arab woman show your beauty! Choose right between History and traditions and elegance and refinement


By Clara C

Yes my love, we are ready...

We participate to an event for history vs actuality

Cleopatra, Scheherazade, Mata Hari and Margaret Thatcher 4 iconic women

Arab women choose the style that represents their own personality

4 woman

4 dress styles

4 colors

4 legends

4 powerful women

Event content

Video presentation about each icon

Dress code represented from nowadays

Fabrics, color and cuts


Wardrobe for an Arab woman from all varieties : royal, business, office, casual, sport casual

Fashion show with 10 pieces for 7 days for each purpose

Sponsors, partners, business angels, media, magazines, authorities from woman organization in Arab world

An event dedicated for Arab women to change black outfit and face cover

Participants receive invitations

Dress code will be required by the event

Music DJ Vudoo and Bross and their girls

Participants : royalties, government, families, friends, public

Event Online and in house

Host my love and Clara at white palace

Guests in house 25 persons

Guests list online 10000 persons

Tickets for VIP s till free invitation




Hamdy's brothers and sisters will be in jury

The outfit choosing will be presented by Arab women

Online vote will follow

The best variant will be chosen

New outfit for Arab women will be implemented with government help in 3 months after the decision is made

And my event is designed, I said

This is my recap that I do with the girls involved in event planning



Dress code

Everything done

Tell me babe, how do you think about that, and off the record, tell me your colors, cut and fabrics you choose for us...

Hm, Hamdy start smiling... For you... Cleopatra is the best... Ha ha ha, a lot of skin how you love and starts laughing loud and your beautiful mind that I felt in love with...

For me, I said, you are Tarzan, me Jane and I started laughing both like crazy

To be continued


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