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  1. How much water I drink (all the liquids)?

Depending on

- My way of life active or not

In my case is an ACTIVE life

- weather

- moon phase

- part of the day effortness

- physical condition

- psychological condition

- spirit

- energy

- mind setup

- positiveness

Remember we are energy!

Our fuel is the oxygen!

Water is containing oxygen

Air contains oxygen too

Whe you drink water breathe deep

As deeper you breathe

As much fuel goes into your blood

As much healthier your body is!

My daily liquids are:

tap water , mint, field horsetail, common hawthorn, coffee, milk, no sugar in

the benefit of these teas are blood circulation, digestion, immune system, heart, brain, inflammations

the quantities vary as each kind of liquid but totally 2 liters daily ( no way 2 l of coffee ...this is no balance, and no coffee from coffee machine!)


I woke up 5 AM and till 9 AM I did

Breathing in my bed, stretching, abdomens, with open window

Shower, put cellulites cream on my abdomen and entire body

Got out with my Lady

Drink one glass of top water

Made my white coffee

Do gym on #greenbalcony #balconygarden #pollination #freshair on muscular groups

till this hour I drank 2 coffees, white coffees of 70 ml and 30 ml milk (milk and roasted coffee) is 9:15 AM and at every half an hour I get up, refresh my eyes muscles, my entire body, I walk a 200 m from living room in the second balcony I have 100 m , so I walk, also with my lady , play a little bit with her ball !

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