Blended in Clara's Kitchen by Clara & Santa

I am friend with Santa...

Well, I always love good people, good food, good environment, and for sure Santa is one of them.

What I don't like is the media phenomenon with one purpose, money!

I don't get this : should you be good only one day in a year? Why so much fuss? See, you understand now, is only about selling...

Is a good phenomenon only for rich people not for poor people!

I know, I don't like either this word, and if is up to me this word will disappear "poor" but to be fair the other will dissappear too: "rich"!

Why to compare people with their fortune?

Why not to compare them how good they are and how satisfied are with their life?

Blended started with mixing things in my kitchen, then became more than that!

It's about how to be better and live a better life!

And to be like this you should start with MIND setup!

So, my ebook is for free, and all my ebooks will be!

My goal is to be rich how I am am make you many more people like me!

Yes, for the moment till I figure out how to get another laptop, I hope will be possible to reinstall, I will work from phone, anyway I am more comfortable to write on phone.



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