Upiii, I am ready for a job interview, my dream one, my dream job interview

Hello sunshine!

Hello world!

Hello Universe!

Financial freedom!

Job interview!

What these 2 have to do, one with another?

What has to do financial freedom with to get a job interview?

First , your mind is doing what you wish for. Take care what you wish for, is happening! Control your mind! Your mind is the master, architect of your future!

Let see what means financial freedom...

For me means to have enough money to do what ever I like. Till now, I did, and I am not billioniare. IS the ATTITUDE in front of money, wealth and rich people. I treat them as normal people...I can stay in front of them with no fear, gaps in conversation, with business solutions. Sometimes many of them, have so much money done by others, they hired good, the best people.

To do what ever I want means drink my morning coffee on a beach, make gym, listen music, write, pain, dance, cook, having guest, coordinate some good people to do with me my trainings to teach people how to live a better life. All my life to be at the ocean...and to the tropics.

As long as you know exactly what you want, start imagine place in every detail, your activities too, that means , start dream. Look for a first destinations. This could be for life or not. Be ready and open to every oportunity, cause life is offer all you want, as long as you are listening your intuition and you understand what Universe is telling you.

In the mean while start to plan how to do this.

Next step is to do it, whitout fear, with confidence and bold.

Be always positive and optimistic!

Be happy, be joyful!

For a wonderful life, financial free is real, exists and not only billionaires have that or don't... And now I've made a huge mistakes... Billionaires have nooo serenity and peace, cause more money ask for more...and doesn't matter if you are billionaire or a normal person the difference for this financial freedom is made by the way you think and act as attitude in front of money.

Financial freedom is to have the quality way of life starting from base level till billionaires, to have balance in all and to live happy , no matter what. So, not money are responsible for your financial freedom , the way you setup your mind to perceive everything around.

Feel and dress like you are already what you wish...

This freedom , financial , is coming from your mind too.

How long you are doing something with passion, determination, guts, bold, pation , peace , serenity and love , enthusiasm ...you are freeeeee.

In a way or another , everybody do something for his living for more money on less.

So, starting from a base employee till billionaire , both have a job...

The only thing is the way he prioritisize his life to feel free even when he works. To feel happy even in a meeting.

How are you inside create the outside image.

To eliminate the WORDS : PROBLEM, STRESS with SITUATION , ENERGY - BALANCE and you over all emotions.

When you have a SITUATION, stop say PROBLEM, breath, make 2 steps behind, do something else to distract. Next day you will have the solution...

But, don't let your mind free , to do what she wants...noooo!

Be in control of your thoughts, breath , listen meditation music , motivator clips. Change the vibrations, come back on your high vibration and this will of you to solve in many ways a SITUATION, will come , you will be in VORTEX again.

About your JOB INTERVEW things are simple:

Be happy, trustful, passionate, emthuziast, determinated, prepared and open for a next step in your life. Be sure that is exactly what yo wish and capable for. Be you!

If you are not like this, you can't be fake, this will dismiss you ...

You need training for job ...CV and job interview!

Call Clara C! On the www.besthirecode.com in booking online! You have 15 minutes online per Skype coaching. If you can not find availlability , send an email to Clara C, emiliclaire@outlook.com Clara will help you to write your CV too.

Some tips!

Dress code for interview, depinds of the job...in art you don't dress like in corporation...make the difference.

Be classy and do what your intuition says.

If you like the company , the job, but the people that hire you , not...RUN...don't stay in compromise, you will get better job. This is financial freadom...

Be the most important , You to be wonderful.

In a job interview you need to be liked and you to like what you feel in your guts. To be compatible with the place where you applied. Make a good research!

To be in job interview means you step forward , you promise ...in interview you convince!

Keep the first Etiquette's rules:

Breath , knock to the door, stay stright, smile, give hand shake with everybody, look into their eyes, one after another, sit down, very confortable and classy, keep your hands on the table, breath again, smile and be trusful, transform any negativity in positive, say thank you, say I look forward to find good new about , shake hands again, tell what attracted you, to make you to come. Be prepared and trusful and confident . Be a joy to be around...

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