A morning coffee in the office vs home office

Sure , every morning , like a rutine ...

First happy thing ...to say hello to my kids...

Where ?

On mess, of course. To salute my kids kitys.

My kids say , your nephews, mooom...That's it...

Hi Alecsa, hi Bross, hi Thor. This is my daughter familly. Thor is my ...nephew , a cat , a lovely one.

Bross is my daughter lover , a web designer and a very good DJ.

Alecsa , my daughter, a beauty talented in everything. From fashion, music, graphic design , even planner , retailer , logistics ...

For this moment she is in logistics, very happy.

Vlad and Ioana, both working in logistic , both are very good in it

Vlad a very good DJ too , for the moment try production.

While all stayed with mom, just imagine how was my house ... party and happyness and laughts every day...my darlings , I am so happy to have them.

Schatzi a british short hair ...a doll , a very spoiled. Imagine Lady and vagabond ...Lady

Hello my darlings, I wish you a wonderful day !

All of them are successful people, al of them beautiful inside and outside , with self esteem and confidence till the sky and back .

Thank you Universe

All had to cross over hard situations , but with all challenges they stayed with winners , and are winners.

I love to read jokes and first in the morning , while I'm still in bed, I open the window and I lay down back in bed to refill me with plus, positivism.

I make my love and peace mantra. I am buddhist.

Then I go to salut Lady, my dog. What a lovely morning!

After shower , I take my cup of coffee and I go in my balcony, and every time my halvas too, mandatory,

While I smel my aromas , coffee, halvas , dush gell and I am still in my morning dream, I am wake up by infernal noise from my bulevard, where I live...even with my huge capacity to close my ears , like Winnetow, is too much.

On the street is traffic jam every morning , every hour, every moment . Is like in Inferno , not from Dante Aligeri ...Dan Brawn...

I just think , wasn't I the most lucky in the world to have my home office?

For sure I am. Thank you Universe...

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