Social media network marketing for a goal

Hello sunshine!

Hello world !

Hello Universe!

Thank you Universe

This year 2018 I've tried something, unique, for me a premiere ...For a wonderful world!

Beautiful mind is the architect of our life...

This premiere come with results!!!

A super interesting blog with a super topic , HIRE vs HIRED

With genuine, trustful opinions of mine that came as a result of my rich life and my expertise in many areas.

After one "sabatic" year, came the second one. Universe has something special for me.

And you can see, it has ...

After trainings in image for kids and teenagers, events, workshops, came trainings and consultancy around the world...twice...

Our former Romanian President, Emil Constantinescu, very good friend with my father, told me: you have an american tipe of life, involment and comitment exactly as Coco...

Coco was my father spoiled by very good friends. Me and my brother are both Coco, also only for very good friends.

Why now at end of this year I should promote my books more then Amazon is doing?

The money raised for both books ebooks and paperbooks these 2 Internaut lover and 90 days - twice - around the world - first part and second will come, including paperbook too, will be used, at the and of 2019 for a PEACE project with ONU and SGI Buddhist and an education project in Africa .

Next year I have plan to finish another 2 books for image , Self esteem and Self confidence, the key to success.

Both done books are fictions but you know that fictions are influenced by life events of mine , friends , people around me, or simply fiction ...

Clara C is my pseudonim as author.

(Emilia Clara Cocos)

CEO of Non profit Etiquette Association

you can find me on LinkedIn as all stars influencer

influencer doesn't mean" likes "or something like that

I am also influencer on Facebook

My life is like Caravagio paints, lights and my author profile photo from Amazon...

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