Beyond everything, every man and woman on Earth, will love to look like Robert and Emily

My Lord of my muscles, Robert, my friend and partner, wow gorgeous , this is his job of his dream.

He is doing this for more then 10 years.

Think at his arm! Shows power. He feels tthe power and this feeling increases self confidence and self esteem.

Now, look on my arm! I am not professional but I do sports all my life, though I wish a firmer arm and a wonderful shoulder but time is passing through and is harder and harder . The battle is longer and harder to have visible effects ...

Me, till now , not now, now, before 2 years ago , I did my workout in the gym where Robert works. Now, I have my studio in my home. Why? Is much more convenient. I am only me and my Lord of my muscles, Robert.

But the exercises that Robert recomends you don't need anything. Only you and your will to have Robert for you and with you.

We have 3 classes a week , half an hour per session. This is my propram with Robert, but I am workout my body daily.

We both decided to do the split of the muscles exercises like this.

First Arm , Chest and Back .

Then I realised how easy is for me and how hard for so many people to get to the gym , due to some many reasons.

All my life I liked to share all that I found out, to let others to choose another variant in x situation. In this case , to stay at home, open the window , start your phone, laptop, PC, even if you are at home or better in your office .

So, I did that, with Robert, for you, cause I care.

I am a happy person, is my choice, an energic and positive one.

I love to think , dream , plan and do!

I am a doer!

Think with few exercises at least 3 types and 3 repetition of 3 for each principal muscle of your arm you will have visible efects in a mirror.

My idea and my proposal for you is to buy the module for each ...Arm, Chest and Back and Robert will show you in movies the moves and I will explain all. Or step by step, is your choice.

We will treat all of you, special VIP .

You can do the same and spend special day with your family, inclusive kids, elder and people with low mobility. You can do this with your colleagues, too. Or alone.

First session for Arm Chest Back has 30 min and if you buy separate 10 min each.

More details you will find in the document with recommendations about the best hours to workout your body, the best food , other things that you should follow to have visible results faster.

You have to send us email address to receive movies too.

The Written explanations are in English, Spanish , German , French .

The payment can be done in Dollars or Euros , Now each module 35 $.

Think and dream how you wanna be and feel, start feeling like this and buy the session/ sessions . Means 35$ or 105$ all Arm Chest and Back .

You can pay online with PayPal today with 30% off

Think about your Back Muscles - Lower Back Muscles 3 exercises Back Muscles - Trapezius and deltoid muscles 3 exercises  Chest Muscles - Pectoral muscles major and minor 3 exercises .

Girls think about a naked back dress , a dress with a deep neckline...

Guys think about your chest and back mmhhh power , strong ...

Next we do all yellow ...Abdomen, inferior superior , buttocks , legs...

You can workout your body where you want, with whom you want, at what hour you want!

Make this for you, you deserve it ! Make 10 min till 30 min for you! To feel good, to look good and to have as Personal trainer a professional with great results with easy exercises with pauses and all keeping your eyes on your breath.

For body , mind and spirit.

Exercises for beginners or medium level , depends...the different is done by repetitions and weights , for medium level.

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