#Billionaire vs not Billionaire - episode 1

Hi everybody!

Hello sunshine!

Hello world!

Hello Universe!

... were and are for unconditional love, for peace inside and outside, for health, for wealthy, prosperity, joy and happiness for entire world.

Buddhism and my inner power and my goodness make me see life, totally different.

The secret is attitude starting with gratitude for all positivism and determination.

Another key to success is to dream, plan and do. And no matter what, show must go on.

#Success in life is #not #measured not in #how #rich you are...

Success in life is measured in how far you succeed to get up after you were down, to be loved, happy and to spread around you good will, kind, happiness, in the same time putting your stamp on people's life with your expertise, #illuminate them, make them #change there #life.

Thanks to #Universe and to my crazy positivism and my extraordinary love for all around me, I am immediately up, after a failure, no matter what. I raise up my kids to be like me, a warrior and my ex , to be happy no matter what.

I believe in miracles. Miracles are created of our mind. Our mind in the architect of our days.

In one day I received an email on ...social networks.... The guy, I checked, who and where from...nothing...

But he is on LinkedIn as CEO of a Canadian huge corporation, in the board of a huge University from Ontario.

But his name, unknown on Google. From the beginning was suspect. But, I say, on LinkedIn this cannot happen, or yes it could.

My curiosity was high, and I responded , ok I saw your email, tell me what's all about ...

I am going to tell inclusive the name from LinkedIn and who he pretended he was, to avoid in future such things to happen.

The things that happen was that we had a deal, a contract, the contract is still valid, between my non profit association and his #billionaire #corporation, with billionaire CEO, Bradley SHAW, CEO in #SHAW #Communication , to build an University, here in Europe, in Romania, Cehia, Poland, Hungary , with me, CEO in Europe.

First I stayed and think, again I drop my serenity, my peace from what I do, to forget about me again, and start over and over not to be me on first place.

But I remembered that I promised to my grandma', that I will do something in her memory. And in a minute I had a plan.

I called my financial manager, my lawyer, my buildings contractor specialist, my accountant and the Mayor from Calimanesti.

Why? Because, I have a piece of land, from my grandma' and in these almost 30 years I did nothing with it, only I let others to use it. But now, I knew was the time to do something , nobody use it anymore and 100 ha of wildest land was unused .

oh, noo, this 100 ha from hundred owners.

And so, Mr Bradley Shaw according with our contract, fake or not, even unpaid, I do what I supposed to do, says in our contract. This is publicity on social media...through professionals...

You wanna know the LinkedIn profile, stay tuned...

Can be fantasy, or reality...

We are on LinkedIn protected or not?

I will make from this a serial

will follow, this was the first episode...

you won't believe ...

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