#Billionaire vs not Billionaire Episode 3

As much as you want to plan your life,

it has a way of surprising you with unexpected things that will make you happier than you originally planned. That's what you call #Universe's will or #Vortex

"I don't want to lose our #friendship and #partnership"

Well my dear Bradley, you almost did it...


You are a Scorpion, me Crab... you can't say: sorry and to keep as you say our friendship and partnership. I can, I did it , even it was not my fault, though I did it... You Scorpion, no.

Learn to say I am sorry, you #Scorpion...

#Connection between #Crab and #Scorpion, #water #signs is extraordinary.

All goes perfectly , till you don't mix up things in business with private life, and start confusing things.

In plus you never come to me, say you need me, first professional then private, and forget that you came to me, not vice versa ...with a wonderful project, but not on my list of priorities and though, I said , ok I'm in, starting with ...that, yeah makes me #billionaire .

Not for me, for this world , to do something for people, to have beautiful minds.

I dreamt to work with a billionaire , a Scorpion one, to have such vibe..., brain, all, perfect.

I had no #emotions to lose my mind only thinking on #figures... on paper... No, I am #bold, like you say and in business without bold, you have no chance.

Where are yours ...#expertise and #skills and #commitment , now when you did that, detailed and consistent and you, not me, lose your temper...

What to say dear you, Shaw, Shawn, Bradley, now my work at my ideas, are still mine, so I am going to use them to make my dream come true...some in my grandmom' and my dad' memory. Something BIG, cause my dreams are big. I am a dreamer and a doer.

But in few , years, till then I have many other to do...my books, my blog, ...but first, ME, I am the most important , nothing and nobody else ... For 3 weeks you made forget my priorities and forget about me... Was super beautiful!! Thank you...

This project is extraordinary, but for me, the moment is not the best , I still have something to do FOR ME.

So, thank you where ever you are Bradley Shaw When you decide to cross over your EGO, to behave like a real business man till the end, and to trust, when you talk about trust, and to be trustful and to be consequent as a real business man or woman , should be... doesn't matter billionaire or not.

This relationship is in interdependency, you have money, you are billionaire, I am a smart woman who succeed what ever she planned, not mandatory like money , is this successful , like the illumination that I spread through people that work with me, in something...

Happiness, Love , all positive no matter what.

Let me touch your soul...

Corazon de'oro... I still believe...

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