#Billionaire vs not Billionaire Episode 4

After my #expertise in #Universities and how the life is going, my opinion is: in no matter the #curricula from 3school, in fact beginning with primary schools, the students should find out what the #quality of #life is about. To let them know from the beginning of their #independent #life, they have to push themselves to get there, to have what...? #Quality of #life.

In a society like I said, billionaires or not , employers and employees should all realize we are leaving in this, in interdependency ... That is cool and very good if all 3 sides see the things in a positive way for society.

Thinking like this ,you will avoid labor force fluctuation in hire and you will have stability, you billionaire offering all could be possible to keep the valuable employees , offering bonuses, to keep them motivate , enthusiasts , positive, offering shareholders, they will stay, as long as the complete packet will contain good salary, good bonuses and good vacation payment, good medical insurance, good pension payment.

In company good trainings, life long learning programs, weekly extra job activities, good payment for traveling on duty. Be generous with good employees , not all. Make them stay...

Be much involved in your CEO are doing , good or bad, your employees barometer and now is time to switch from company worldwide , to employees to keep and motivate them.


You billionaire be generous , offer more, and take less... this is the goal for another era.

You, dear Bradley Shaw or Shawn Bradley, you proved more vice versa...Instead of thinking Ohh, Yeah! I did it again, faster then my competition...I'm going to be 3 times billionaire...You better be sure you do what you say...to keep it like this...

Why you billionaires, not to do things right for a better life, for a happy , healthy , wealthy , positive society. You are not highlanders, you are like everybody mortals... change your priority ! Think at this beautiful EARTH , beautiful life, so precious , don't waste it , not even yours, not the employees'. Enough about this expansion , globally for much money no matter what...

Why not new #curricula for all in school?





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