Gianluca Vacchi, The best Millionaire fashion icon and not only

Since I was in University , I was fascinated by Italy, and all that "Italiano vero" means.

I lived with my mind at the Italian taste in fashion, fragrance, history, people, culture, food, renaisance. For me Italia is an icon in all of these. My favorite fragrance is Roma by Laura Biagiotti ...

I started read about Leonardo da Vinci, and "Rinascimento" and Michelagelo and follow stories about Toscani and Florence.

All started since I was 10 , and my father went to Milano at Pirelli for business for the company he worked , Rolast.

He visited including Switzerland crosing Como Lake with some colleagues.

All I remeber from that time was Pizza, Paste and Piedone.

Yes, my father was Piedone, copy- paste, identical. All call him Piedone. As temper and figure and as all , was Piedone. I miss him... I love him so much and all people that knew him , could only love him.

Such a wonderful man proffesionaly and as father and husband.

My mom' was lucky.

Both smart, beautiful inside and outside , elegants, super dancers, and super party people, with a lot of friends.

The medium where a kid is growing mark him for life.

We define what we are , depending of the medium , and love we have.

Being so influenced by Italy , I transmited my love to my brother who lives and have a business in Italy in a very good one are, with an Italian partener, in treating wood "...desinfestatione dai tarli". They care for wood...

See, the show must go on...

Now, I am in love of Italian fashion and all , but I love this crazy, #GianlucaVacchi for all he is, but for image is the best.

So my dears, if you want a really icon , I recommend Gianluca Vacchi.

And yes, like Bradley, who contacted me on LinkedIn, Gianluca contacted me, on Facebook... About him , I cann't say more..., yet...

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