Key to success

Hello sunshine!!

Hello Universe!!

Hello world!!

You know that my morning routine is to smile and say hello to the Universe.

After, to say hello to my kids, in their photos, and in Facebook; to my lucky bamboo, my dear friend, Lady.

After that, I open the window in my room and start chanting.

Love mantra, peace mantra, miracles mantra, and share on Facebook to enjoy my followers.

When I was little, I was lovely. Now I am the same. No, not shy, lovely...but I was terrible shy.

Despite all etiquette rulles catched from my grandmom and how impecable dressed I was, my shy was still there till something happened and my shy gone away...

My father mom, was a fancy, mency lady with many friends: lawyers, writters, very good tailers, on that time, nobody said designers, painters. Was a cosmopolite society that used to get in my grandmom house.

They used to come for a coffee, or stay for a balneoclimateric treatment in Calimanesti.

Calimanesti, you can say Romanian Carlo Vivary. Extraordinary people came here, from around the world.

Here in Calimanesti, I spent my lovely childhood and I learned from my grandmom all that means to have manners in society: how to dress, how to eat, how to talk, what to talk, when to talk. She used to dress me in tirolese dress.

My grandmom had Bulgarian father , Ilief Marcoff, and Austriac mother Wilhermina Zigler . After first global war, both were refugied from their countries and they met and got in love and made 4 Romanian kids. One of kids was my grandmom.

Grand grandfather, from Bulgaria, has very rich family, politician lawyer in Sofia, with farm and a lot of land. I know nothing about my grand grand grandmom family. But thing like this could happen in war.

The Bulgarian side was met by me, in Calimanesti, they used to come often to my grandmom.

In all my time spent in Calimanesti, I had super holidays there. Walking on the river, Ostrov , an island on the river Olt, Cozia mountains. My dream holidays were there. Now is the same.

Here I developed artistic skills like my grandmom, writter, actrice, designer, speaking, talking, singing, acting, but,... was a but.

I was very shy outside of my groups, family, friends, schools.

Well, I had all, but not enough, till one moment when I knew it...

All, minus self esteem and self confidence...

The key to success !!!

I learned my lesson and I apply first on my kids, but by instinct.

Then , psychology was my goal, to do things right and I learned...

When I say, key to success in life , proffessional, family.

So, never say never to develop yourself!

Never say never to develop your kids skills!

We must let them develop like independent adults!

Hire vs Hired

Employers vs Employees

Millionaire or simply dreamer!

We all were kids...

All situations from childhood, due to , the actual adult has strange behavior...are coming from there...

Self esteem , self confidence , etiquette , image , talents are a huge package with a success key...

The key I have it.

In life, you, dreamer and you, millionaire or not, think that we live in interdependency.

Something that you don't have the other feel it in your behavior.

You , millionaire or not and you employer and you employee have to find a better live happy all.

This crisis is your fault or not , but you should solved.


Millionaire wants more money, quality and all, employer wants more money , quality and all , employee wants to live , happy.

Somebody told them, the last ones from that list of getting money, money is not good...

Who says that?

Money is good for everybody!

You depend on employee, he depends on you.

All want quality life first of all...

Give back!

Make a better world!

You become what you think !

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