Over #Atlantic with #NATO, #pope, #presidents, #VIP

Evelin , a wonderful lady from #Delta #airlines.

A Latina, creole, in a cruise non formal outfit, with super figure and excellent proportions.

In Lufthansa air flight, coming back home, from #Germany, I was so happy seeing that my next place is not occupied.

I said, super Emily, this time, no conversation, no disturb, you can sleep, dear.

In that moment, Evelin, shows with a handbag "cruise". Hm, I never saw, cruise members sitting back in the plane...

She had a beautiful smile and perfect red lips Latina lips with a red lipstick, was a breath taking woman!

In the next minute I knew it, she's #American, from airline affiliation, not alone in the plane.

All of these were confirmed by Evelin till we get our snacks and coffee from Lufthansa cruise.

Finally we met and we've started a super conversation, about, being #consultant in #engineering like me, and she, an ex flight #attendant, now, just come back as #recruiter member on Delta airlines.

Evelin, from Puerto Rico, now, living in Washington DC, separates, like me, with one kid, attorney, never practiced, he convinced "mom", his mom, Evelin, to hire him in airlines ...the best job ever!

I was so impressed by Evelin, we both were, one of each other, and we shared many from our life.

Her life was almost identical like my dreams...

My dear Evelin, you know how much I wanted to fly from one place to another of the world, but my father said, no way, airplane waitress, think, being pinched ...

And my dream was over, I did engineering... Lucky me, I am talented in this, I have mind, eyes, I think big, my have vision from the top.

Evelin told me, no, it's not such an easy job, and nobody pinches you, they have codes of behave, and much more is a hard job.

In that moment was clear in my mind, I will do that at retirement.

Till then, my daughter is very much in love, and she would love the attendance job, at least, I like it...to let her fulfill my dream...baaad mom' :)

Evelin gave me all contacts to keep in touch and to tell her when Alecsa will be 21 to help her, because if she is like mother, like daughter, she will be a good choice for any American airline to choose her.

Delta airlines is for me, my backup for retirement... to join pope, presidents, VIP, NATO troupes like Evelin, right now do ...in that moment NATO troupes in Constanta...

My darling didn't choose my dream... but my dream was but not complete, I still dream of flight , this time not for work, with my lover, and for

joy and writing and train people ...

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