Play rolls kid - parent and vice-versa

Hello sunshine!

Hello Universe!

Hello World!

Super job for free , you know, is parenting.

And our goal is to grow an independent adult.

To be frackly the BEST JOB CODE is this, to be a good parent, to make a succesfull kid.

This success is on many levels, but to be successful in life, means to have what you are meant to be in private and society, and to feel happy with all you do.

Another super job is to be educator / trainer / coach to help people to grow in their life.

When you are one of these, and in plus , you work good with humans mind, you are a motivator and an influencer, to see from youngs till elders , how people change their life, thanks to you.

The best is to influece people to be happy , no matter what.

To love unconditionaly.

To trust themself.

To dream , plan and do.

To be conviced that Earth is Paradise.

Don't create barriers between rich and poor.

Don't consider money as negative

Money is energy

Both living on the same Planet.

For me this is the best, to help others to understand that everything is possible.

You need a good will


Never give up!

One of the years , I wannt to go in vacation, and when I took my vacancy check, I saw more that should've been.

I called the girl from financials and I said, hei, what's happenning , I got a lot of money...who's fault is this?

Hei , Emily, nobody's fault... aren't you the boss on project x?

Nooo, I wish to be, but, not yet...

Really, I thought you are...

Of course , I give it back those extra , that didn't belong to me.

I laught , and still laugh when I think of this.

And now, to explain what happened...

Universe considered me a huge boss, everywhere I go, I made good impression, as simpple apearance. Why?

Prestance plus dress code, plus knowledge and education, and expertise...

Still , I was nooo boss, nobody's boss.

When I learned to do, what a good friend from Mexico said, my life changed .

He knows I trained others, how pleasend and motivational for others, was all we done together, why am I doing?

He said to me, Emily , you did your best for entire world, all appreciated, you should be in another place! We know you are the best , proffessional and valued human being.

Now I am...

To do this for you, first

To do this for your kids, second

Will make you feell accomplished

First play a game , you and your kid.

Switch the rolles , parent vs kid.

First you , as parent , will know how your kid sees you.

Second, kid will find out, how you sees him

Then what you don't like to see at your kid, you should change at you.

All change should be done, you as a complice , to became his best friend, to start sharing states , emotions , and play to change everything.

Whit adults, the same...

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