Body Mind Spirit - Dream comes true

Hello sunshine!

Hello world!

Hello Universe!

A very good friend and partner shows me another part of his, being there when you need him. Not because he is talented in sport and made his future of this, noo way, are so many like this . He is different , he is in front of you because he has the huge capacity to motivate people that participate in his class. To do what they need , because they feel it.

Robert is my trainer and he is here to workout my body , to keep me motivated and the spirit part is mine.

My trainer is not like an automatic mashine...No way...

He knows that I have a huge resistance and lot of energy. Despite that he feels when is time to slow down.

We are emphatic and both feel each other soo well.

I never have my own trainer to do what I need not what he has in his agenda of programes for x situation.

This time having my gym in my home was and is very easy to have somebody for you...yours...

When I say easy, hm with Robert , nothing is easy, no Sir. But he makes you feel that way and that is the most important.

We know eachother for so long, from disco ,from gym... I never considered I need a personal trainer / coach , no . I was noncomformist. No rule at gym , somebody else rule... Only mine...

This time Robert proved me is better to be with somebody on your side when you workout your body, somebody that I like. A happy person, proffessional that could transformed our session in one full of positive energy and laughs...and results...

People are saying laughs make you fat ...noo way

Robert teached me how you do the exercises , when you do them.

When and how and what to eat he told me . First weight should be seen lost when first you look in your plate.

Being a woman that for a life time did massage , do sport , inside and outside , being in love to dance and every weekend I used to do that, plus I always kept my size and my shape , for Robert is very easy to see the results of what we are doing.

We are dancing , playing ball, and so many others using every piece of furniture from entire house .

For example , on balcony I have a swing , in another one I have a hammoc. I used both as TRX exercisses ... and so on...

I have no chance to get bored with Robert , nooo way .

No exercisse is egual with another

For our spirit, meditation is the best. For max 10 min breath and focus on our goals or simply relax or talk .

So my dears You need a Robert or you should buy one :))

Soon you will find out what is all about ... and yes , will be possible to buy, trust me, you will see.

Body Mind Spirit

You wanna be happy to fullfil your dreams? Take care of you first. You are the most important ...

All the lessons will be done by Robert !

I am the teller of real story of Robert and me.

Thank you Universe

Thank you Robert

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