Start of Etiquette 10 years ago

Hello Universe ,

Hello sunshine ,

Hello world ,

10 years ago I started wondering , ok kids are in strange situation , seeing everywhere and hearing no comment what expresions.

At that time was so addicted of city library.

I was fascinated of marketing, PR, communication, branding , proffesional very good book, most of them in English, for me was excellent.

In the same time with these I took a book about manners, for relaxing. This one in romanian, by Aurelia Marinescu, Manners are fun.

And an idea came up!

Hei, kids, let me ask you something, please!

Yes momy, shot.

Listen this: When a couple, or nor, a SHE and a HE, are going in a restaurant , Who enter first in a restaurant? SHE or He?

He, mom...

Despide the rule "always GIRLS first", here is vice versa. Yes, right kids, good answers.

Do you know any others situations when NOT "Ladies first" it is?

Mamy , I think when a guy is caring a huge packet, he goes first too. Alecsa said.

And also when they are in the car, He is the first who gets out of the car, comes the passenger side , opens the door and give his hand to the Lady to get out of the car too. Good!

Guess what, I ask you to think, what can be served with hands , no cutlery, even in restaurant?

Vlad said, all that begin whit P. Of course we were talking in romania and yes was right , not all but some can be served like this.

Ok, Chicken, bread, ...and so one.

You now what, my dears, what do you think to start to work with the kids from schoolls, and stard Etiquette in Restaurant and tell them funny examples about, to help them learn manners?

My kids said, ok mamy is a good interesant topic , but not like this. To be funny, should be different.

Then I have a briliand second one. I will make photoshootings with our best photographer, Catalin Eremia, then will see. I would like , hope you too, a presentation in Power Point.

And that was started Etiquette for kids.

The teachers and kids and chief school inspector in extracuricular activities for entire county were impressed.

For one year I trained 40% from the schools from the county.

All kids were taken by buss from school and to a fancy restaurants from Pitesti. Everybody was happy , don't tell about kids.

The Power Point was hilarius, but my interfierings were super fun and after all , they should practice in reality because they had a snack , cutlery and a glass of juice.

For me, my kids all was wonderful , Alecsa acting , Vlad technical and all was extraordinary .

And the show continued ...high school and university , in another way.

In the mean while, till next time, let me dream , was so lovely ...

Thank you Universe!

Thank you kids! Main and participants.

Teachers , thank you!

Catalin , Dan Pavel, specialised and very good in branding. My logo and name were desingned by him. Very talented and a pleasure to work with both.

I was lucky to work with the best. Don't forget to mantion Chief school inspector Bratu.

And the restaurats owners and staff from Muntenia, Alcadibo and Mc Donald.

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