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Hello world!

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Did you heard this: "I don't know to wear to ...x event, or to the job, or to x meeting or...many others, I don't have anything to put on me!!"

Most of these remarks are made by women but in the mean while men became more metrosexual and much more cu a lot of atention of what and where and how they shoud wear some...So, you can hear them often with the same phrase: I don't have anything ...look in my wardrobe...nothing...

First let me clarify this , wardrobe is made depending your daily activity.

If you are worker you have to think to have a proper outfit.

If you are office worker you have to think to have a proper outfit too.

If you are business man or woman too.

Then each wardrobe should contain , no mater your daily activity is, a tuxedo for men, a white shirt , accesories , shoes, belt, bow tie, being the mandatory outfit for white code of dress for man.

For white code woman mandatory a long dress and sandals and jewelry.

Any person participate in one of the following kind of event, so these from above are a must have in a warderobe.

The difference between a worker and a business man is matter of taste , budget.

White dress code is used for wedding , opera... As long as the wedding is up to grooms as place , thema , rules , not every time white code is adecvate, the wedding invitation , or event invitation says about dress code if is something else, if not, than white code. If not, mandatory white code for evening and black code for day and morning.

Also take in consideration place, time and zone where the event takes place.

In Caraibe is not the same wedding outfit as in Alaska.

When I try to organize a wardrobe, first organize, means to have all you need in the same place, and all in plus , never tuched since one year, should be donate, some how get rid of them. Chi energy is affected. This Chi energy is affected if the wordrobe is a mess...

Business as pleasure, allowed me to do something diferent , this was a must business atire as image consultant and CEO of my non profit association. As long as my after work is in imagine I tried to be different , not just business as regular.

Business dress means black dress code. This black dress for men means black suit and a white shirt and for women little black dress another must in a girl's wardrobe for evening and day ladies should wear something choosing from mix of business pants , skirt , dress , shirt, elegant closed shoes and dresses.

My activity as business woman is :

speaking, interviews, press conferences, events , trainigs , directing

as CEO: business meetings, protocol , plan and do

today writing my books as ClaraC , advertise all , books, blog on social media

finding sponsors...to do that.

You think what I do is important for society, you have on the first page the posibility to DONATE.

If you wanna be part of my projects , like sponsor and partner , write me an email on


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My outfit should be business , means black and white...for employers.

Office is for media people, not top, they should wear grey, bleu and white, office employees.

Now let me tell you my business wardrobe contains only Ma dame brand, my favorite.


For a lady

In this shop you can find everything for business and business casual.

I am not a millionaire but I have all skills to be one. I wish to...

I am a dreamer, a planer and a doer.

My business wordrobe contains:

1. black suit - 2 pieces - midi skirt till the knees and jacket for daily business meetings

2. black suit - 3 pieces - midi satin skirt after the knees , elegant satin pants , jacket Jacquard

3. white suit - 2 pieces - midi wool skirt , jacket

4. 5 satin and silk shirts , black, white, nude, pearl

5. cocktail black skirt

6. cocktail golden Jacquard jacket

With black and white you never go wrong . Is elegant , classy and a fancy jewelry can be all you need.

But more then outfit is what you talk , how you talk and how you behave ...

This will be part of etiquette training. Protocol is another part...

Don't over dress . Be simple . Simplicity is better , less is better ...

Be authentic !

Be you, the classy ...

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