What happen in Vegas, stays in Vegas...

Well, is no more true...100%


With so much technology is almost impossible...

Think about , in hopitality industry where you sould be welcome, spoiled, everything is possible for you, the guest, and the hostess sould treat you like a king...

This is everyone dream but sometimes the reality is totally different.

First impression counts, and the second one is the last...

I just arrived and the airplain landed in the bigest world motropola, Mexico City.

The driver pick me up from airport and was sooo exhausting, 24 hours of change 3 airplanes, one from Paris. Lucky me, I have what to do, air France is one of the best airline and transatlantic service is super .

Than Tequilla in the way to San Luis Potosi.

Why Tequilla?

First I like it, and second I was kidnapt from Terminal 1 and invited in a black car, by 2 guys, that I followed , thinking that they work in airport and have a mission, due to the fact that the train didn't work , they should do it, and for free...

But was not like that, they ask me money but I said, no way, this should be free, and anyhow , sorry, I don't pay a penny.

In that moment they start threatening me, and lock the back doors where I stayed.

Well , you saw in the movie something like kidnapping and gangsters threatening , this was me...

When they stoped the car , I started screaming, and pushing the door to get out.

Finaly, I told them , to unlock the door and let me out, I will make a complain to the airport manager and police.

This was something that finally conviced , and I jumped out the car and start running, hoppeing that is the right terminal.

Hei , no complain , in that hurry, because the flight should take of, and my spanish vanished, I did no complain.

But when I came back home , I did on Mexico City Airport site, now is still there...that all.

And things didn't remain in Mexico City, because with internet , right away you can make a complain or a review.

That's whay, employees and employers from, no matter , but specially in hospitality , where first impression counts, take care what is your first impression.

In any situation, hire vs to hire, first is etiquette, hospitality industry or not, learn to smile, learn another 9 things to get a job, or you employer , to get a good employee.

Think, suposing you succeded with CV. Now , the CV, expertise and so on, convince already.

Now, you go to convince, you, now is time to sell yourself!

Now, who hire, get the one that like him to be hired.

BUT, what to do, with those who HIRE , didn't have a clue, about etiquette, BUT is not enough, psichology is a must, BUT not enough, body language, it's a must.

An expert in image, only to say ok for that part of an interview, it's a must.

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