You are curious, Robert's life, beats the movie...he is a lion, so, single or mingle on Valentine's

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Hello sunshine!

Hello world!

Hello Universe!

Robert is single and mingle , both in one. Is that single assumed and mingle when he feels like.

Robert , my Lord of my muscles, is like a LION, independent, working hard, but he liked like crazy, with a lot of girls and women looking to be hunted by Robert.

As lonk as he works he is very open , with jokes and makes you feel great and makes you to want more, I don't know to see him or really to exercise...

But in my mind, I see Robert sometimes that kind of lion , of comunity.

When is tired , I really don't know if he is ever like that, is lonely, needs to be alone...

When he is going out with boys and hunting.

But lion is powerful, is passionate, and tender when it comes to woman.

Think our Lion is in fact a Scorpio like zodiac, so multiply lion with 2000 and you will have Robert, Scorpio Lion, passionate, talented, handsome, willing to help people, to be there when you need him.

If you don't have one Robert, you need to buy half hour with him, for your body, mind and spirit!

I share Robert with you, my lord of my muscles, my lion ...

This is my trainer, my partner, my motivator, my influencer, my dans partner, my football player, my ideal playing, doing sport partner.

He is scorpio , he loves water and sun...and summer forever...

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