Brazilian sexy shapes and attitude Rio de Janeiro carnival makes a memorable experience

You know that man or woman wants to be in Brazil when in samba danced all over and ten sexy silhouette...

Why are Brazilians girls so hot?

Sexy shapes and attitude these two make Brazilians most wanted girls.

Model Alecsa

Salon VisaGe

Photo Catalin Eremia

Idea, Producer, Directing Emilia Cocos

Rio de Janeiro

Make from your go away an unique remembering experiencing!

Unforgettable event for a Summer with kids: Alecsa and Vlad VuDoo DJ super DJ listen this click on his photo...

What is all about with my Brazilian lover?

Robert makes my day beautiful, each day! That is really something! That's way I love him so much!

My Lord of my muscles told me this morning when we start workout:

Robert, I said, Is clear I had some beautiful shapes since I was born and at every 10 years are changing but stay still as beautiful...

As you can see I have my whole body toned and nothing is falling down is clear as much as I want my 20s shapes these will never be...

- Yes, but all are there like Brazilian girls ...he said...

Yes, you right, I am a tall Brazilian sexy, loving, charming, smart woman!

Thank you Universe!

So in this article you will find out how you make memorable your life events, kids, business, places...

Beautiful life, beautiful mind! Beautiful people!

Dream, Plan, Do!

Talent...discovering, managing talent is a part of image will find that on my book and ebook Key to Success by Clara C on Amazon Kindle

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