Choose clothing colors for your season skin tone, the project a new wardrobe for Winter tone (Arab)

I have the easiest way to understand where you fit, this diagram by

I am winter season color, Arab people are winter skin tone too

Winter Wardrobe Colors

On the other hand, if you are a winter, then you will have dark hair, dark eyes, and a cool undertone. This undertone shouldn’t be mistaken for being fair skinned, but rather, your skin and hair often contrast in a harmonious way. True Winters look best in sharp, contrasted colors. They will feel the most vibrant when wearing bright colors with a cool hue. You will look good in firecracker red lipstick and may often wear navy blue.

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winter season cool bright tone so Arab people are winter season skin (like me)

now lets do a first variant of wardrobe !

for this lets define :

- fabrics

- lines

- colors for each zodiac sign

Hot desert area so hot dry clime so I put 3 fabrics variants
cotton , silk , merino wool
shoes, heat and accessories follow

Lines (cut) (classic) casual elegant

Casual Elegant Outfits 10 pieces for 6 days for men and women

1. dress code business (for business people and royalties)

2. dress code office (for office and security, dedicated requested by employer, partner)

3. dress code casual (for employees - partners that work with clients and represent company image)

Colors are large subject should be analyzed in particular for 12 zodiac signs

I keep you posted

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