Clara C ebook club free trial with La vie en rose avec Ema in Paris

Crossing the Atlantic for 6 times…

Crossing the Indian ocean for 4 times …

Crossing the Mediterranean sea …

Crossing the Black sea …so many crossings …50 000 miles around the globe…

This is part of my life for 90 days and another that comes thousand times better...

Dears readers,

members of Clara C ebook club, why I've chosen THIS LAST BOOK,

La vie en rose avec Ema in Paris?

The ebook is a family saga with 80% reality , 20% fiction

Clara C ebook club is about learning, adventures, dreams come true, growth!

You are invited to be member and buy your membership for 3 year to enjoy your growth by having fun, telling stories, expressing your dreams and with a plus vibe only and focus, determination, your dreams come true!

I invite sponsors to be part of this trip like sponsors with benefits Donate!

or buy year membership

You have so many ways to express your gratitude for this club, I suggest you to take this chance to grow!

Thank you

Sincerely Clara C

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