#Dream #guestroom #ClaraC your #tourism #guide, book your dream! Change your life! Clara C classes!

One click far from your dream destination and Clara classes...

One of my favorite place is my balcony...

I love both, have different themes and colors

#Clover (Trifoi)at the #Thuja shadow in #ClaraC #GreenBalcony #BalconyGarden #Pollination

What is happened in nature can happen in balcony too!

I decided to have open balcony!

To design it and decorate how I want!

I don't need to get out to see green!

Green in within me! In my home, my balcony! It's a joy!

Fresh air, clean air! Oxygen!

My gests from Booking.com and Airbnb.com are fascinated! When they come, for sure!

You pay a room with intimacy that includes their green balcony (thuja balcony, with bench, like in park, hammock to read, relax, do yoga, do gardening), Toilet.


- brunch and water, coffee and #ClaraC chocolate

- gym

- Bathroom

- toilet equipment

- dinning, living and working room - free

- second balcony (wood design, with swing, bike, smoking allowed only on this balcony, gardening activities, reading, gym) - free

- #ClaraCKitchen can cook by yourself or like an activity with #ClaraC or simply at your order Clara can cook for you! - paid

- concierge services - paid

- tourism activities - paid

- event management activities - paid

- reading activities in #ClaraCBookClub - paid

- personal coach for gym - paid

- 1:1 classes https://www.besthirecode.com/services check Clara C services

We discuss about special offers! Don't be afraid!

You can come and be my guest with other purpose and make from all Clara's offers a real purpose to come back and recommend Clara to others for her exceptionally accommodation and auxiliary services!

This is your time to grow and to change your life!

These services from above are for personal goals!

For groups and companies, corporates:


Everything For your excellency!

Click to book your dream!

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