Colors and zodiac signs


First is FIRST get out from your HOME, WARDROBE BLACK - negative vibe decreases not increases VIBE makes you SICK

Put color on you! These fit you according with zodiac sign and will surprise according with skin color season

While the first let you search, learn and decide, the second one is the most precisely and easy to choose

with white and light color in hot areas never get wrong


Government staff 3 variants man/ woman/ common

- navy blue

- paradise pink

- white

security staff 3 variants man/ woman / common

- nickel

- wheat

- old rose

Office staff 3 variants man/ woman / common

- uranian blue

- violet red

- vanilla

casual classic 3 variants

- purple navy

- pink lavender

- queen pink

Each zodiac sign use any accessories in his zodiac sign color !!

This puts you to the vibe inside and outside on higher level

Put your sign color according with your zodiac sign in your work place in your home!

About tailoring proportions and shapes to create the illusion of perfection follows
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