#DailyRitual vs #DailyRoutine Is #Consciousness vs #Robotic life style

I am aware of everything's happening inside me and outside myself!!

My body is talking with me

My mind is the boss over everything is happening to me, inside and outside what depends on me

And depends on my reaction about everything is happening and doesn't depend on me, to be affected

I choose to be like that

What in the difference between consciousness and robotic in thinking, talking and doing stuffs?

Imagine a ritual, for example an Hindu ritual...

Participants are aware and feel and think every part of the ritual, their mind is talking what they order to the mind to thing and feel.

Their spirit are high positive!

The spirit awake the body vibration

So the order is like this

Mind Spirit Energy Body!!

Our mind is our architect od the day! At the present!

We live in present! Happy, healthy, enthusiastic!

Imagine a automatism, a robotic action!

No spirit, no feeling, no energy, the mind is apathetic, negative, the vibe is low

the mind is not in charge!

Others are in charge! The person is absente, negative charged!

The results are the same, no happiness, no healthy, no enthusiasm!

In my morning ritual never miss these!

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