Did you ever think at you and your #priorities for YOUR LIFE?

Good morning dears,

Yes, I did!

Starting with my program I like to do it in my own way, no lessons in

this means:

- sleep like a HUGE X in my huge bed ALONE (I love my privacy and intimacy) even if decide to make a couple nest for 2)

- sleep when I feel it for my body, mind, spirit, energy

- sleep with my music

- my home have good vibe everywhere

- wake up with my music

- wake up smiling

- wake up laughing

- wake up with my gratitude and happiness to BE

- wake up with my thankfulness for my happy genetically spirit

- wake up and open the window

- wake up and breath

- wake up and stretch my body

- wake up and make my first workout session in bed for my whole body

- wake up and make my bed

- wake up and go to the toilet

- my toilet is not shared

- wake up and take my shower

- open the widows

- say hello to my Lady, my flowers, my home, my sky, my Universe, my sunshine, my world

- is time to my coffee (white coffee) outside in the balcony, one of them

- is time to go out with my LADY and so on

- I love lights and shadows so only light spots and dark

- I love my perfume after shower

- I don't love TV and it's noise and bad Vibe, I love it only if I take some time to see comedies or something positive, no news, no negative, TV is in my home but I can live without it

- I love to make love after everything from above are done

- any morning interfering starts with a hello, a play game, laughs and joy

- *if you (X , my couple partner, if I decide to have one and when I decide, and where I decide, and with whom I decide) have clouds in your head and and you didn't learn from me that life is a treasure and you don't have the right to ruin your day and my day with your moods, means you don't know who I am and how I am and you don't have to be around me! ) so, any potential X I will have, if I decide so, a period for accommodation with a precontract, if we don't match, love is not the most important without another criteria and qualities ... than thank you but not thank you

A partner is there for a partnership, things that I can do better in 2.

So, I have everything I want, I need more, not less!

What I love, to work outside, in a beautiful garden with aromatic plants like I have now in my balcony

I love to stay in a shadow not directly under the sun

I love to have a home, minimalistic design with comfort in white and silver

I love to have gym near me, in fact I need only for me 4 rooms, kitchen, terrace, 2 baths

I love to have a good clime 24 degrees entire ear

I love to have swimming pool and the sea at few meters in a golf

I love to have animals and kids and my kids around and my mom and my brother with his family

I love to drive an white Evoque, me, you the driver stay next like bodyguard:)

I love my freedom

If I will ever decide about a couple... I don't hunt, but if you cheat , I let you in your empty ass !

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