Gym is Life

Europe, America, Africa, Asia, Australia

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Local, National, Global online project

Hello sunshine!

Hello world!

Hello Universe!

Gym is Life with my Lord of my muscles Robert, my personal trainer, motivator and professional in sport domain with super results as personal trainer for 10 years.

Me, all stars in image management!

Me and Robert, we are partners in my nonprofit Association Etiquette, all for our goal GYM is LIFE! Global project!

Robert is taking care of muscles exercises and motivation! So, Robert is taking care of BODY and SPIRIT!

I take care of MIND and SPIRIT and the guaranty of success with image management, psychology , meditation and food recommendations.

The sessions are splited in muscular groups!

Workout is for kids, women and men!

Workout is for outside or inside! In the office, at home, in park, on the beach...

Workout is for no equipment!

All online on laptop, phone, tablete!

Easy workout for beginners or medium level!

The goal is to lose weight or feel in shape and have fun with colleagues, friends, family, or alone!

With no diet and no restrictions, only setup your mint, everything is posible!

We need you: sponsors, business angels, phylanthropists, for a healthy, happy society!

For you we created Gold, Silver, Bronze Sponsorship packages! follow the link

You are invited to say what you need, image management means all, tell and we do, me and Robert all that means online, social media network marketing!

GYM is LIFE for a beautiful life, a beautiful mind!

For B2C , you normal clients, I invite you to buy the first sessions and if you wanna be involved too, donate on Show that you care button that exists on

job of my dream is to make happy and healthy world living in peaceful world , educated!

You can do payment or donations directly on site with paypal,

For a beautiful life a beautiful mind!

Clara Emilia Cocos

CEO nonprofit Association Etiquette

image manager


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