Is 5:34

in my Gym studio is still dark

I don't turn light up

I am manage better everything in dark

I have no curtain, I love to see outside the mounting, everything I do here, including massage late or gym in early morning , I do with no light up!

My body feels more secured in the dark!

My concept of doing gym



#withwhom you are



is the best!

There are some secrets to keep your shapes

your spirit, energy, body and mind!

I never kept diet against to what my body needs, never starved, but listen your body it tells you everything

For one time I didn't and I crushed...but shits happens...I see only the bright side...my bright side in this, I started writing and I dropped my job AND I BEGUN A NOW LIFE

Where is me who comes first every time!

You need to know how the cross over... is not hard if you know how and what to do...

Are you in a moment like that...you feel crushed? Well till now if you followed me, you should know something...Life goes on if you decide that and goes on in a way or another...you can be victim or warrior! I chose warrior!

You can book to stay 5 days with me, Clara, to tell you my secrets!

These will change your life completely!

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