GYM is LIFE B2B Sponsorship proposal offers

Hello sunshine!

Hello world!

Hello Universe!

Europe, America, Africa, Asia, Australia

Local, National, Global online project

First NW Europe - Norwey and Sweden

My first call was for business owners and CEOs from Sweden and Norway ,the first event and second was a post boosted! Like I can see on graphics the situation is ok, people are interested in gym!

How all starts?

Gym is Life , now for offices employees and employers!

Why for offices workers?


Office workers stay all day almost unmoved!

When I say unmoved, I mean 1. emotional and 2. physical both affect health!

Think at what flight attendants tell us to do when we take off...

Not security instruction! Life instruction!

GYM is Life

In airplane sure, to move, never stay unmoved!

The same at the Office!

Healthy travel is super!

GYM is LIFE! For Healthy office work!

For you business owners with office employees and employers is a must have!

For healthy, happy, enthusiastic with results employees and employers is now this local, national, global online project:


You, business owner in Norway, Sweden + Etiquette my association nonprofit and Robert, my personal trainer = in a sponsorship, business angel, philanthropist relationship!

More than money are peoples...Love the peoples! Love the people that makes you money!

You are not alone ! We all are in interdependency!

Healthy , happy, enthusiastic employees and employers , working with results, make your life wonderful...your life as business owner!

Follow the offers for proposal in Sponsorship for GYM is LIFE! Follow the link to find out more!

For any variant that have being selected Etiquette has a super offer in socia media marketing !

Etiquette in specialised in image management!

Clara Emilia & Robert

CEO & President Etiquette nonprofit Association Romania

Global project manager GYM is LIFE

+40 771 189 961

Thank you Universe!

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