How you well you #masticate tells more about your #digestion and #weightloss

In #ClaraCKitchen and #ClaraDining room from some years things are happening in another way that till then happened!

White and silver my non colors in fact :) Clara's brand new kitchen Thank you Universe

Why things are different? Is my zodiac sign colors, is everything brand new, is my joy and curiosity and my love for everything I'm doing.

Chew 35 times before swallow!

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Knowing #good #manners you will have no gases, no stomach pains, plus you make a good impression, don't get weight too...o contrary your metabolism functions well and all your weight issues will disappear!

Everything starts with 35 #chew! A meal should be taking in 30 minutes min!

Manners means delicacy, refinement, style, class and means no headache for your diet! Means you become conscious about is happening and take measurements!

Everything is starting with AWEAR, DECISION ...NOT BEFORE mind setup!

In #Clara's kitchen, my kitchen I will cook with my guests! We can start with #chocolate ...

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