In #Tourism #Security comes first, is the measurement that assures #safeness!

For example in a shared home with a guest

Is unsecure to stay with a stranger in your house...really!

How can I implement security measurements to increase my safety and my guest too?

First lets see what can cause can put the host and the guest in danger?

Fire, Gas, Water, Thief, Earthquake, Floods...

First our emergency country nr. should be well known 112 Romania

The interventions department are dealing with each case of danger.

For medical emergency is the same number! Firefighters too!

For daily intervention should be technician of the house!

And interventions nr. from Gas, Electricity, Water

021 9376 gas Pitesti 0251 929 CEZ, Water 0248 625 050,

residential building administrator phone...

elevator technicians ...

owner of the apartment!

A plus is foam bottle that should be in any home!

Gas sensor!

Home alarm for thieves!

Rules to follow for evacuation in case and a layout for the home and building!

Rules to follow in earthquake!

All from the above are ok for both, guest and host.

But the host need a plus protection for herself or himself!

Panic button, defense pepper spray!

Self protection exercises to protect herself or himself!

I have everything!

I am ready to receive my guest and make them feel memorable to come back!

I can wait to meet you!

Travel safe!


the owner of the property


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