Morning coffee after an evening #massage under Clara's roof! This can be possible for you too!

is 5:00

I am up from 4

I started my day already

I love my life!

I had a test to do!

I change my diet

I am vegan

I love this stile

And now I need to see spectacular changes fast!

My night wardrobe is changed

Silk and satin all over

Everything is shining

My room, my skin, my body, my spirit, my energy! My love for the man of my life!

My Size is still L and will ever be!

I won't do compromise!

Sparkling white

And I remember all luxury from 4 stars hotels where I was around the world

So in my both bedrooms my linens are white, cotton 100%

I love jacquard, this time simple white.

I feel like a princess!

My love used to call me my Queen! I feel like one! I am the queen of the hearts!

Yes, I'm thinking of you, I dream of you and I love you, my Prince, I wish you and your Royal family a wonderful day! Kisses, Daddy, daddy, I want a daddy! My daddy would be so proud of me, who I became as human been!

Thank you Universe!

Thank you my Prince!

You want to feel the mirage from my home, my good vibe? Stay with me 5 days to change your life completely, book 5 days under Clara's roof and wont be sorry!

Let's talk first!

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