& Earth and you Hamdan

Good morning Kenya!

Goeie môre sonskyn Ek is Clara, en dit is my familie! Ons is almal so bly en dankbaar om hier te wees ✌️🙏👌❤️🌍🎶

"Good morning kids, I am Clara, this is my family! We all are so happy and grateful to be here!" 🎶❤️

All of us go to each kid to feel the vibe and to create a bond... From time to time at each kid Hamdan looks at me and smiles ... I understand... He said : great kid, repeat that for each of them...

Their favorite greeting is in fact to embrace us is what I felt and I embraced them too.

Without saying nothing we created a good connection.

In few words I told them what we learned here... They made huge eyes and were so curious to know what was so interesting.

Hamdan and the kids started to listen... But I didn't say a word...

Wow, where did they knew?... A coconut was on my desk... Really? These kids read my mind! This is fantastic! Hamdan laughs, the kids too they knew...

Telepathy... Wow we are connected... I know what I can do, but they did it too!

Madame, this Kenya is icon, all said in the same time... A coconut! Wow... But I didn't say anything loud... I am speechless!

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