& Earth and you Hamdan

When Richard asked me to be involved I said... will see...

You know how crazy I am about dessert, dry hot air and dry climate, safari clothes, safari adventure, food travel, spices role in human body, new business, new people, new life...

And fun...

All easy to be found in Arabia - Africa and I have the perfect man to do this with... My love Hamdan, we both vibe LOVE.

I smile when I think of smells from Dubai... I love Arab people and Arab fragrance and my babe love to use Shaheed,

Swiss Arabian perfumes and colognes.

"Country: United Arab Emirates Main activity: Fragrances Brand website: link Parent company: Swiss Arabian Perfume Group

Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group was established in 1974 in UAE. The Group owns several perfume brands, including Swiss Arabian, a luxury perfume division. "The history of Swiss Arabian is an enchanting tale that spans over 45 years. Founded in the year 1974 by Mr. Hussein Adam Ali, a visionary young man from Yemen with a wealth of knowledge and a deep passion for perfumery, Swiss Arabian Perfumes is the first perfume manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates. Their exquisite range of perfumes... "

There is little that can match the might of the noble falcon. Only the most exquisite and bold fragrance could capture his unbreakable spirit.

The oud used to create Dehn El Oud Shaheen is sourced from Indonesia and Cambodia. The treasure hunt to find it gives the rarest of exquisite results in the form of an unforgettable oud fragrance. Encompassing the strength of the majestic falcon, it embodies fearlessness, pride and grace. Only the finest oud is used for such an emblematic scent. Dehn El Oud Shaheen is a gilded armour: by turns, woody then rich, golden then intense. It wraps you in a conquering aura of all that is noble. Dehn El Oud Shaheen is a unisex concentrated perfume oil. It can be worn all year round. Be the mighty. Be the noble." - a note from the brand.

With a noble heart next to me...

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