Mother Earth RIGHTS

Before we show up in hour evolution on EARTH, Blue Planet was here for cca 5 billions years also in evolution with many creatures but no one with Rights

When the human being evolves he creates complicate things, never respected, is the case from these days…but this is not the topic from today…

When the Human started to be conscious of his importance on Earth he wants More and More!

Everyone gets land, creates company and splits the Earth in Lands with different everything, lands, continents, rituals, languages, skin colors, countries and starts war for everything.

Mother Earth suffers all, humans the same, different leaders started all for countries interests

or personal glory

Humans became the masters of the entire Globe. Humans the most evolved living creature are in fact the most barbarian and their evolution means nothing for THE only ONE CREATURE that supports all their mess in their evolution, Mother EARTH.

Why MOTHER EARTH needs RIGHTS like HUMANS because is a things…

Is a thing? It’s a creature?

It’s a PLANET! Any planet is a COSMIC “thing’ with all phenomenon like any living PLANET has to have to stay on his orbit in Cosmos, in Universe.

Mother EARTH speaks with us, we speak with planets, all of them not only with EARTH

All planets influence us and we influence them!

How we do this? Vibration‘s ENERGY!

We are ENERGY, Cosmic creatures!

will continue …

by Clara the creator of EARTH RIGHTS

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