My best online #library I recommend! Best book for personal development, the #KeyToSuccessbyClaraC

Clara C

Author, trainer, image consultant

Key to success by Clara C

image management for personal development

The ebook contains only definition about mandatory behavior, skills, values, and the most important competence for a successful life in any areas, personal relationship, business, public area too.

To work for success you need me to explain you, to give you the best variant for you, because every class is personalized due to so many criteria.

The book works like a guide. Any guide needs a trainer!

To have this chance to be trained by me, you should pass a test!

Key for success is for self image for professionals or beginners. Guide for the keys!


ebook screenshots at the beginning and at the end

Key to success by Clara C

130 pag letter general not personalized

in progress audiobook by Clara C

Is a book for one day for each

1. to read

2. to understand

3. to repeat

4. to start to apply it

5. to define yourself

6. to redefine

7. to create your daily quote and to share what you learn

This is an incredible make up of you body, personality, mind, spirit, energy (vibe)

To learn daily!

The ebook is studied with me in the book club #ClaraCbookClub

If you want the written variant you become a member for 3 years and I will do the ebook in club sessions in general mode in 3 months

Personalized variant is available for sponsorship for your classes and lifetime mentorship for a fee

Everything is done after a test is passed.

Contact me on site chat, per site email

My #audiobooks library that should be listened whenever and wherever you are undisturbed contained the best titles!

For all I recommend the personalized variant with trainer, me!

Power Self Confidence by Brian Tracy

The Magic of Thinking BIG by David Schwartz

#How #successful #people #think by John C #Maxwell these are #audiobooks that should be listened whenever and wherever you are undisturbed

this is an open list

I read, learn, train daily!

Everyday I am a better version of mine!

The #power of #positive #thinking - Norman Vincent #Peale these are #audiobooks that should be listened whenever and wherever you are undisturbed

The audiobook for today is #TODAY #MATTERS by John C. #Maxwell

Our mind has some rules to function and it's the boss of our life

Brain rules - 12 Principles for surviving and Thriving by John Medina an extraordinary audiobook

I recommend another one by Caroline Leaf neuroscientist - Your mental mess

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