My new #Summer #casual #wardrobe setup...IN PROCESS in my #GreenBalcony (#thuja balcony)

I decided to make a 10 casual pieces for my summer wardrobe for 7 days

Casual = Comfortable
I Define Style casual elegant
I Define body type - I am what I want (I can be all of them if I don't control myself) :)

Define fabrics: natural Silk Satin, Casmir, Cotton
Define colors White coffee, White, Silver
Define accessories: tennis, belt, scarf
Define budged: 0000 (is defined in my mind and I keep it lower as much as I can)
Term: end of May

I have the first outfit ( in my head) and fabric already bought in my atelier :) I have no atelier, but a lot of space, I will manage a corner ... as tailor space

Wish me good luck!

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