My #wish #list for my PRINCE of my LIFE Lesson 3 for Fazza

My #wish #list for my love of my life

I am princess in my life

I wish and deserve everything

I am grateful, loyal, faithful

I am beautiful

I am smart

I am educated

I am experienced and good in everything I do

I am passionate

I am joyful

I am genetic happy

I am positive

I am happy with who I am

I am optimistic

I am confident

I am healthy

I am wise

I am wealthy

I am powerful

I am open to receive

I am blessed

I am successful

I believe in myself

I am dedicated

I am motivated

I am persistent

I am peaceful

I am freedom

I am opened

I am relaxed

I am calm

I am at one

I in command of my life

I love my life

I am fully present

I am taking bold steps

I am achieving

I am sportive

I am mannered

I love good manners

I love negotiation and diplomacy

I have class

I have charm

I have sex appeal

I am expensive

I am rich

I am living a great life

I am balanced

My minimum income is 10 000 euro / month

My requests are for a princess of my life


I want my prince of my life

To be trustful in us

To have a NEST with no outside INTERFIERINGS and INFLUENCES

Is My life with my prince ME AND YOU

My PRINCE should conquer ME

should be lovely , charming, educated, mannered, calm, patient, passionate, happy, to laughing and dance our life together

To be generous

To love green environmental

To build our healthy , wealthy , enthusiastic life together

To think like me

To learn one from another

To complete one to another

To live with joy

To be balanced

To be young in his soul

To be flexible in his mind

To make charity for humanity

To take care of our kids

But nobody cross over our NEST never

To take decisions in what concern our LIFE AND OUR NEST TOGETHER

To LOVE everything on me , I do the same

To make together our life motivation to keep our love on the right VIBE

To always have trust about us

To be smart, happy, joyous

To cross any inconvenience in live with good VIBE and good solutions for both of us

To agree life contract not else!

We both have a past, was mentioned ONCE for information, never again , PAST never happen again if you don't ALLOWED this means change the PARADIGM! with proper mind setup

Religion is MY trust IN ME , your Religion should be the same YOU believe in YOU and ME like I do, nothing else! Discussions on that theme , should not exists

Politics, I offer my Opinions when I am asked in private, never in PUBLIC

I love kids and I will be part of their life when they ask or WE consider, without having conflicts with no one for that, everything scheduled

My life is not public

I don't need press agreement and I don't care , never let press interfere in my life and decisions

OUR NEST is precious , we both should keep it like this!

This is the man I want to spend my life with!

No parent, no kid, no friend, no partner, no temptation in our NEST this is kept a happy, healthy , wealthy NEST only if BOTH will know our needs defined!

Who am I and who are YOU

My love in my NEST!

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