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Observation: I name "kids" and kid that depends financial on his parents !

Dear parents, please observe at your "kid" his reactions in certain situations and name them, even play them, be your kid for once change your roles!

Observe, take notes in your head, think! This play should happen in front of your kid with an intro to capture entire attention of the kid!

Now switch back your roles and let your kid to be the parent, one at the time!

Take notes in your head! His playing will show you what you do wrong and bother your kid!

And now come with a news for your kid, and put him to choose!

The choose is between Personal BRAND courses online/ offline (more here )under Clara's roof (more here) for your kid, and both of you will do the choice

and your kid will choose for you to do a course under Clara's roof, separate, by booking 5 days each, to grow yourself, as human been, choose one courses (from here)

AND a vacation in Costa Rica for all of you! :)

Yes, never put like that the theme...:) but it's a game that develop something to all of you:

Discussions, arguments, benefits! And do a list for each of you

Weaknesses and Strengths

You as parents should choose what help your kid to be somebody not a nobody who travel and do nothing more, no plus comes from that is you only change the place without learning and grow!

You can do all, why not!

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