Protocol and event management

States relationships and institutions were always extremely complexe and not knowing politeness and protocol, diplomacy generated conflicts. That's why this discipline, protocol was developed and is studied and the practice belongs to protocol specialists. The protocol is not only about higher levels in states relationship, it has rules for specific purposes and situations very well defined. What contains what I've studied for 2 years in Protocol and event management... lesson 4 Fundamental rules for officials contacts. Etiquette and protocol! lesson nr 6 Rules for dressing. Rules for writing lesson nr 7 hierarchy rules, tables hierarchy lesson nr 8 ceremonies rules lesson nr 9 national events rules lesson nr 10 business meetings and socio rules lesson nr 11 hospitality at home lesson nr 12 hospitality at work lesson nr 13 other meetings lesson nr 14 hospitality at the restaurant lesson nr 15 social events Types lesson nr 16 international events lesson nr 20 budget lesson nr 24 press conference rules lesson nr 26 elaborate scenarios for any event lesson nr 27 planning congresses lesson nr 28 planning official delegation lesson 29 programs for official delegates lesson 32 prepare the events

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