Pure air plants is a new way for quality medium for ex employees , now partners

Mornings... episode (3)

By Clara C

Pure air plants are all over in every place in indoor area, I love them

I saw such excellent plant design

Is time to let go classic pictures for green environment

"No luck with houseplants or just want something new? Try an air plant! These tropical plants are epiphytes, which means they don't need potting soil and require only minimal care. Tiny scales on their leaves, called trichomes, absorb water and nutrients directly from the air, and even help shade the plant from scorching sun. The plants' "roots" are used only for clinging and do not absorb water and nutrients like earthbound plants."

My love remembers today we have a presentation about plants, pure air, I tell him at phone

Darling, you know I'll be there, everything is ready to find out more about these plants and how can we do real garden inside and outside for quality air

The kids are with me, we all waited for you here to get started

You know I miss you and twins also, he said

I am sure of that my love, I tell him

I am in few seconds in elevator, give me 5 seconds I am after you, I said.

I met someone I I stayed to say hello

We want to invest in everything that means green environment and pure air plants are a good solution

We do all for our health, family and partners

Partners are now the previous employees

Nobody is called employee because is not, the benefits are huge for society and partners...

To be continued


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