Restaurant Etiquette episode 2 "When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece" John Ruski

First place to make business ...could be in restaurant and could starts in gym, or traveling, or being at an event: music event, Amazon book and ebook event Key of success , or self development, or gym is live event, or touristic event...

how we behave in a restaurant?

who get's first?

you stay with hat on?

who order?

magic words?

mise en place

small pieces

laugh but don't disturb

how we eat spaghetti?

what and were eat with hand?

mise en place

the order of using silvers

the first is from exterior to interior

position of elbows

Adi yes

Alecsa No

your elbows are in take off ...

you risk to fly

you risk to mess

you risk to hit the table neighbor

you risk to split all over

handle the silvery right

Body position

how far is from the table

is sustained by the back chair

how handle the silvery

Alecsa Yes

Adi No - he keeps the fork like in a battle

Body position

Adi is preparing a brain surgery

Alecsa is completely off , I mean landing...

No, No, No

keep your back straight

close to back chair

Alecsa, never like Hunchback from Notre-Dame

Adi, never keep silvery in air and no gesticulate like a choir conductor in Scala

use them and never let them on the table only in the plate in code shape to say the waitress, especially when you leave the table!

to be continued

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