Restaurant Etiquette episode 3 "Skill and confidence are an unconquered army" George Herbert

A going out is an occasion to spend pleasant time! To take breakfast, lunch or dinner, where and the place category tells you what you should wear!

small quantities in silvery by Clara C
restaurant etiquette

Small quantities in silvery

hold fork and knife right

never let them on the table

how you put in your mouth in the same way you take it out from your mouth

Ex you eat with silvery and you have something to take it out, use the fork in the same way and put that "thing" on the plate!

That thing could be ...anything, including something not wanted in your dish, do the same and don't make such a noise about it...Incidents happens but the secret is (when you have etiquette classes graduated or your mom told you) to continue your meal like nothing happened to nobody observed! In the photo is a No way... or Don't

When you eat something that can be done only with the fork and have nothing cu cut, the knife should be still there to help you make small portions to have in your fork.

If it is a salad with nothing to cat, the knife should be for help!

If you cut something, for ex a stake, Europeans keep the fork in left hand and the knife in right hand and cut each piece by piece.

Americans cut all stake and then move the fork in right hand and knife stay on the plate.

You are going to the restaurant to eat and feel good, that means if you have companion, you make conversation, so to take few in your silvery, chew and then talk, only pleasant things.

Alecsa Yes or Do!

Keep your hands, both over the table never under the table

LOL is not appropriate in public, no matter in restaurant or in elsewhere in public...

Lady's first! This rule in restaurant is not valid! Here man's first is the rule!

If you have a man with you, sure...ladies...

Keep your Hat on! is a rule only for woman if is not a big hat in that case was a bad choice...
Man takes of his hat!
Man do the order to the waitress after he knows what the lady wants! When is a couple or is a man at the table.
Man waits for woman to take a seat and helps her!
Every time the woman stands up, man do the same!
Treat restaurant staff polite, smile ! This says all about you!
Treat others how you wanna be treated!

To be continued...

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