Santa says: You are right, Clara! Happiness is your job, not my job!

Satisfaction! Then money can come if you wish!

Blended in Clara's Kitchen by Clara is dedicated to my mom, my kids Alecsa, Vlad, Ioana, Bross, and their families,
to my dad, to my grandparents,
to my brother & family,
to Hamdan & family,
to all my mentors,
to all friends, to all exes, to my relatives, to my colleagues, to partners, to any person that know me and will know me!
What I learn and I practice I share with you! To be many! On positive side! To be many courageous! To be many with a dream accomplished! To persevere! To dream, plan, DO!
Mind setup, knowledge, goals, perseverance! This the Key to success!

WE are WHAT we EAT (drink too)


The first comes WE ARE WHAT and HOW we BREATHE! Oxygen is our fuel! Then comes LOVE, WATER, Food!

Thank you Universe!


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