#Sleep like a #GIANT X

I love my intimacy!

But I like the share my secrets from my privacy, I love it!

I love to share!

But not my giant BED! BEDS in fact!

I have a extra large King bed and both sides belong to me! I am a conqueror!

When I came back first time from China I've met a German lady like me and we shared the next seats from the airplane, we had 4 seats! We both stayed like Queens at economy class. From this lady I found out that exists in this world, beds of 5000 euro...and I was shocked! The Lady made a present to her husband...

When I've got home I was curious how looks a bed like this and I saw 25000 euro and more beds...

Than I decided to take one on those, after I found out on my own how important is the bed for your quality sleep, and for you health too!

I haven't this kind of money, but I have a hobby to discover diamonds in vintage everything! I have met a Turkish friend and I visited him first for curiosity in his showroom, vintage one. But immediately I got in there in his showroom I saw my bed!

Wow! Brand new...for selling in a vintage showroom!! Waiting for me! First I had questions and my friend told me, is a luxury furniture and any luxury is never getting to look old! In fact stays band new, or look like! Of course the price for a vintage luxury furniture exceeded a normal new bed similar ...from the market, but sorry don't exist similarity at anything. Never luxury in equal with common articles!

In that day I called my kids and my friend to help with transportation and installation.

Next months I did the same for my kids

Everybody was happy to sleep like a queen and king! I was too. Is nothing so important than to offer and to make my kids feeling good.

Now both rooms one for guest and my room are empty, my kids are gone in their nests, so I do something to let others know the quality difference in luxury bed, without spending so much to buy one!

Now you have the chance to sleep under Clara's roof in a luxury bed, with luxury linen, with luxury everything and start changing your life, like I did! I will teach you HOW!

And you can sleep like a giant X in Clara's guestroom in her queen dream bed! Here you can read the real story from my blog about my luxury beds

Like a GIANT X I sleep in my bed to and I love it!

Luxury costs!

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