Springs in Sahara

Mornings...episode (4)

By Clara C

I was 3 ye

ars young when my mom and dad took me to my grandparents, to the Carpati mountains in Romania, my mother country.

Calimanesti, Olt river pearl, a small town very well known like Karlovi Vary with mineral and thermals springs with benefits in hospitality, known and used therapeutically since the time of the Dacians, and later the Romans built a camp here - the Roman camp of Arutela.

Between 1542-1543, near the Cozia Monastery, the church of the Sick was built, whose name comes from the Slavonic, "sick" - meaning hospital, infirmary, the place where the sick and suffering are cared for.

We are going to my roots at least one time a year and the little ones come with us

Both were fascinated about my life here and are so excited to come

First time since when we are together, both were 7 months and I showed them everything... they kept in mind this word and it's meaning and repeat new words like every baby fascinated of the world

When both say : mommy, daddy, springs in Sahara, I thought they referred to what elephants are doing, but it was real spring in Sahara... Wow

Both of us lick the rock and yes is water, spring water with bubbles...!!!

We look one to another, all the people start jumping, singing, kissing, spreading their joy and happiness

My love we have water here, in Sahara...

We don't name Sahara desert, we name it Paradise, is what this place represents to us and look, what we think become reality!

Thank you Universe

My love embrace me, for him I am like a miracle, he stays in knees and continues saying: thank you my love Clara, you brought real joy in life here, thank you, I love you my love!

I love you to kiddo

To be continued


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