#Talent is a #gift

#Talent Is a Gift #Discovered By #Teachers #Parents or By #You When You #GrowUp

Talent is discovered by teachers, by parents seeing how easy and better then others, that work hard, a talent is doing by the talented people! Or you discover that you like a domain and you are getting remarkable results!

The difference between a talented that work to accomplish a goal in his talent area and a not talented that work for the same goal is that talented will get there fast and a not talented won't get there ever or very hard in the proxy area of his goals...

But talented that only says "I have a gift" but do nothing...will be exceeded by not talented fast if the second one is determined and accomplish his goals.

Talent is natural when your doing is fast with maximum joy and maximum results.

Who is responsible for talent discover?

First, the parent who should create new opportunities when the kid is playing to remark that the naturalness and joy is there.

Second, after the kid have the sign of having a gift when he in playing, the kid must be taken to an educator in that area.

I will tell you my story, not about me, about my kids.

This time about Vlad.

Since he was 3 years old Vlad was taken by his father to play drums...and he grown up with music in home. His father a very good drummer!

At 16 he said, mom, dad, I wanna be a #DJ!

But I need this, and this and this... He grown in DJ mixing with self study...

That means he was passionate and still is...

He enjoyed to entertain, to create a feeling, a memorable state for the people that participated at his events.

He was and still is the only DJ from Romania where the places where he was resident Club Hush Pitesti were booked with one month before and the location was full and still another expecting outside waiting and listen the music from the terrace only to get in, no matter how late it was!

This was memorable for him like atmosphere he should create and how much people LOVE him and for me as client and his mom...

The talent is to make this with joy and love and to transmit this!

In his background you will find included radio Muntenia FM where he had one hours to enjoy the listeners with his mix es.

He has Bellagio school from the best DJ and Kudos school 2 different electronic music, commercial and deep...

To have talent in this domain means to have feeling what to let the people to listen in every moment...to create that vibe. What the entertainer when feels to choose the proper music and make the perfect mix to make explode or calm down...

Dream, Plan, Do!

ON mixcloud.com he has few mixs oldies but goldies...


In other area the parents plus the educators have the role to discover talents.

Ideal in life is that the talent to became your business to live from that!

Job of my dreams!

I forgot perseverance, tenacity, patience, passion, love, joy and gratitude!

Stay calm, positive away from negative!

For a beautiful life a beautiful mind!

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